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Scrap Gold UK
Starting to think this company is dodgy?? No confirmation of receiving my bag of gold and silver and no answer? Anyone else had the same? Maya Rahman (Exeter) - [ Mar 15, 2017 ]
Been on hold for 40 minutes trying to find out if they have returned my jewellery! Do not use this company! Ellie Crawford (Liverpool) - [ Dec 28, 2016 ]
Very slow service I received about 4 different offers! Which I thought was dodgy I got my cheque in the end wasn't overly happy with my payment but I wanted to get rid of the scrap. [ Apr 09, 2013 ]
Competitive valuation, efficient and very easy Anita Khan (Bedford) - [ Mar 01, 2017 ]
I requested a pack on Monday and my money was in my account by Wednesday. Michael Hibbard (Wiltshire) - [ Jan 11, 2017 ]
Fast efficient service, payment the next day. 5* Customer service team. Liz Spencer ((Rochdale)) - [ Dec 12, 2016 ]
Free-postage and no pressure to accept the offer. Samuel McAllister (County Durham) - [ Nov 16, 2016 ]
Reliable as always, Thanks again x x Angie Sheehan (Wakefield) - [ Oct 05, 2016 ]
Initially, I was concerned about the security of my material but using guaranteed recorded mail ensured safe arrival and was happy with the service overall. Thanks!! Kelly Dunne (Dorset) - [ Sep 15, 2016 ]
Very reliable and trustworthy firm with a great customer service team that will take care of you. Definitely going to use it again. Luke ( Bristol) - [ Jul 08, 2015 ]
Professional, friendly and helpful. I was really pleased with their service, I wasn’t happy at first when I received the offer but the lady on the phone made sure she’ll get their valuation team to check my pack again, I was informed that some of the items are not good which made the price less to what I expected. I received back the non-gold items next day along with my cheque. Thank you Donna (Gosport) - [ Jun 10, 2015 ]
The service is really easy and safe and completely free, I was embarrassed to send them loads of jewellery that I wasn’t sure if they are good but was surprised that I still received descent amount of offer from them, received the cheque the next day. They even return items that are not good without me paying a penny. Kate (Dundee) - [ Jun 06, 2015 ]
Thanks again for a quick response. I have been impressed with the efficiency you maintain in dealing with these valuations and prompt expedition of the monies. Heather (Cheltenham) - [ Apr 17, 2015 ]
Hello Gold2Pounds. Thanks to your payment of my jewelry because of your fast and efficient service, my parrot is recovering well after her treatment. Many Thanks, Tammy (YELVERTON) - [ Mar 22, 2015 ]
I was recommended by my friend to use Gold2Pounds for selling my unwanted jewelry; they are indeed very helpful and efficient with Competive rates. Was really pleased with the service and my friend got some monies too for recommending me. Alaina (Sufflok) - [ Jan 20, 2015 ]
After seeing this site, i went for the No.1 ranked site. Gold2Pounds couldn't of given me a better service, great first time offer and quick payment!! after hearing so many horror stories of selling gold, I'm glad i used they're compare info. Rosalyn (Norwich) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
After inheriting a few bit of jewellery, i decided to do some research before i sold it on. I found a lot of negative reviews on some of the other sites, mainly do to with low offers and return times. Thankfully i chose Gold2Pounds, there customer service was great and i received a very reasonable payment the day after i posted the pack. Steven (Colchester) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
I found Gold2pounds to be the best buyer for me, ive had bad experiences with a company in the past! So I had doubt until I was recommend by a friend and I couldn't of asked for a more quick, professional and friendly service ordering my second pack now!. Rebecca (Welling, Kent) - [ Aug 12, 2013 ]
Very fast service. Happy with the offer and speedy arrival of cheque. Many thanks Gold 2 Pounds! Andy (York) - [ Aug 04, 2013 ]
I sent my old diamond engagement ring into gold2pounds, I only wanted to sell the platinum and not the diamond, I was happy with the offer they gave me as it was only a small ring! They even sent back my diamond with no scratches and in a small protected bag, bubble wrapped!! I couldn't have been more happy with the service. Daughter has just requested a pack to. Rosa (Yorkshire) - [ Jul 28, 2013 ]
My experience with gold 2 pounds was delightful I got an amazing price for my old pocket watch and each conversation I had with them was very professional! Even though I was put on hold for 3 minutes they were very polite and apologised when there was no need to! will recommend to all friends and family. Donald Moore (Newport) - [ Jul 20, 2013 ]
Post Gold 4 Cash
sent in my links of London bracelet to sell. Was unhappy with offer. Received it back broken beyond repair. Don’t trust this company. Julie McCormack (Shropshire) - [ Feb 27, 2017 ]
Charged me £25 for a bank transfer? Told me my gold was worth £15. I am £10 down? Molly Harding (Cambridge) - [ Feb 22, 2017 ]
Got ok money for my crushed gold earrings but had to keep chasing them. took over 2 weeks to get paid Harley Holmes (Chichester) - [ Oct 19, 2016 ]
I felt the service was slower than expected and the offer was unsatisfactory Amy (Maidenhead) - [ Apr 13, 2015 ]
I used the popular 'post gold for cash' and i wish i hadn't. Don't be fooled by their advertising!! I received a very low offer to what they advertised using the 'price calculator' on their site and whats more it took over 2 weeks to be returned to me. I just wish i found this site earlier, so i didn't waste my time with them. Marie (Cambridge) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
I sent my 22ct Asian gold into postgold4cash I thought there offer was awful, as I know what my gold is worth so it was a waste of time! Anita (Birmingham) - [ Jun 27, 2013 ]
Postgold4cash was a Straightforward service, I wasn't really overly impressed with my final offer! Seemed to be on the low side! I wasn't expecting huge amounts as it was only a bit of 9ct but i didn't want the hassle of waiting for my items to be returned so I just accepted the offer and they sent me the cheque which I received 2 days later. Gemma (London) - [ Jun 19, 2013 ]
Cash Your Gold
Told me my platinum ring was palladium and worth £32? I bought it from Goldsmiths for £350. It’s been insurance valued at £500? Con company!!!!!!!!! Caitlin Stokes (Hull) - [ Feb 08, 2017 ]
Told me my hallmark 22 carat chain was only 20 carat. Robbed of 2 carats Sanja Naida (Wetherby) - [ Dec 14, 2016 ]
Ruined my Gold jewellery with large deep scratches and coffee coloured stains all over. Will not be using again!!!!!!!!! George Peterson (London) - [ Sep 21, 2016 ]
Useless is the only thing I have to say about them. Sam (Cambridgeshire) - [ Apr 26, 2012 ]
Sell Gold Online
Sold my 20 gram chain for £117. Another company would of paid £205. I will definitely shop around in future. Jayden Campbell (Blackpool) - [ Jan 25, 2017 ]
Offered me £250 for my gold chain which I paid £400 for. Not happy Andrew Taylor (Edinburgh) - [ Nov 20, 2016 ]
Sell Gold Online Were valuing my 24ct at 18ct!!! Awful service Rasidgha (York) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
I sent 4 9ct charm bracelets into Sell gold online and after reading some reviews about them online I decided to request a pack, they told me that they would only buy them at 8ct when they were stamped 9ct! After all the hassle I got my items back and went with Gold2Pounds who were polite and gave me an excellent price. DO NOT SELL YOUR GOLD WITH SELL GOLD ONLINE! Hannah S (Cheshire) - [ May 21, 2013 ]
Cash 4 Gold
Good company although took ages to get the money into my account. Vaska Petya (Crewe) - [ Jan 02, 2017 ]
My experience of this organisation is of one that is quick to take peoples gold and rip them off or keep it anyway and refuse to return it. Horrible experience. Tony (Seaport) - [ Jul 20, 2015 ]
They were slow to give a valuation and slow to pay. I grew tired of chasing them. Bad experience. Melanie (Ashford) - [ May 08, 2015 ]
Service is really slow, Waited 7 days for my offer after I sent the pack and they were not giving out decent offer either, Accepted the offer anyway because I needed the money but I probably could have got better elsewhere if I wasn’t in a hurry. Mark (Carmarthen) - [ Feb 18, 2015 ]
I was impressed with the staff friendly attitude on the phone at cash4gold but the price was awful and it took them nearly 7 days to return my rings back. Jenifer (Birmingham) - [ Jun 21, 2013 ]
I was pleased with how friendly cash4gold were but they are difficult to get hold of as I was waiting over a week for my payment and every time I called in I was told someone will call me back and they never did! After a very long email they eventually acted and I received my cheque the next day. I would not recommend this service as I was worried with the lack of contact! And I certainly wouldn't trust them to deal with them again!. Maria W (Northampton) - [ Jun 11, 2013 ]
Cheque arrived 4 days late. Still happy with the service. Julie Quinn (Belfast) - [ Nov 30, 2016 ]
Great compare site, very accurate. Used top two sites and both great although G2P offered more than Tesco Kevin (Cornwall) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
DONT USE THIS COMPANY! UK Gold Refiners have been a nightmare from day one and fully deserve too be number 12 in this compare list. Angry Andy (Aberystwyth) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
Watch out for London Gold Refinery. They quoted me £733 on their website, so I sent them my gold. They then came back with an offer of £566! If I reject the offer, they charge a minimum of £23 for it to be returned insured. Neil (Cambridge) - [ Dec 19, 2013 ]
Postal Gold
Easy to get money from. Think I should of got alot more for 18karat Iskra Spomenka (Rotherham) - [ Nov 02, 2016 ]
I wasn’t impressed with how they deal with their customers, not very helpful on many levels. I asked my items to be returned and took 2 weeks before I received them. Jennifer (Southampton) - [ Feb 01, 2015 ]
Very simple service, wasn't as friendly as I imagined im used to selling my old mobiles and cds into similar sites and always getting the friendly help. Postal Gold I felt very rushed and they avoid answering some of my questions so they sent my items back. I wouldn't trust them again! [ May 30, 2013 ]
The British Gold Refinery
Dishonest company! We’ve agreed £110 for my jewelry but only received a £65 cheque. I feel completely ripped off! Kay (Aberdeen) - [ May 15, 2015 ]
As i previously worked in a jewellers, i could work out how much i was expecting to get. Unfortunately after using 2 companies (British gold refinery & Cash4MyGold) not only did they under valuate my jewellery and blamed junior valuators/errors in the testing, it also took nearly 2 weeks to get it back. Unfortunately i saw 'Sellgoldcompare' to late otherwise i would of gone for G2P. Felix (Edinburgh) - [ Mar 04, 2014 ]
I sent some of my mothers jewellery into the British Gold Refiners which I came across on the internet, I went with them because they seemed to be offering a fair amount on their calculator for what I had. I was very disappointed with how I was spoken to on the phone, I had to chase them! When I eventually received a call the lady on the phone was very rude and couldn't be bothered with me. I will not deal with them again. Janet (Bournemouth, Hampshire) - [ Jul 12, 2013 ]
I wasn't happy with the price I received and the lack of commination's from British gold refinery I was relieved just to receive my items back in one piece! only deal with them if you are willing to wait 2 weeks for an offer! Karen (Chelmsford Essex) - [ Jul 04, 2013 ]
My Cash Goldmine
I had a very unpleasant experience, staff were very unresponsive and unprofessional and they’ve completely ruined my ring with a massive scratch and stains on it. Michael (Norfolk) - [ Apr 09, 2015 ]
I used My cash goldmine once and I will never use this service again! I was not happy with my offer and it took over a week to receive my items back! Debbie H (London) - [ Jun 07, 2013 ]