Why Sell Gold Compare

As someone who used to work in the jewellery industry, I have been curious for a number of years as to the accuracy of some of the information I have read online regarding gold buying companies. With the help of some old colleagues and friends, we thought we would test many of these companies to see if what they have been claiming on their websites is true.

After a few weeks of gathering information it was fairly obvious that there are a number of companies buying gold by using a number of bogus claims and so we thought we would create this website to help the general public to compare our information on the companies we tested while we continue to gather information by using your feedback to update this very website.

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Gold Price Calculator - Compare Gold Prices, Platinum and Silver

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Top 5

  • Rating:
  • Turn Around Time: 1-2 days
  • Payment: Cheque / Transfer And No Fee's
  • Price: 77%
Tesco Gold Exchange
  • Rating:
  • Turn Around Time: 2 days
  • Payment: Transfer / Cheque
  • Price: 65%
Pure Gold Buyers
  • Rating:
  • Turn Around Time: 5 days
  • Payment: Transfer / Cheque / Cash
  • Price: 51%
Cash 4 My Gold
  • Rating:
  • Turn Around Time: 4 days
  • Payment: Transfer / Cheque / Cash
  • Price: 49%
Cash Your Gold
  • Rating:
  • Turn Around Time: 4 days
  • Payment: Cheque
  • Price: 42%

*Prices shown above correct as of 22nd April 2014. For more comparison data and brands use the calculator.

Our Aim

We provide an independent online service which enables you to research and compare UK gold buying companies. We have gathered a large amount of information from a range of UK gold buyers varying from the smaller companies to some of the UKs top national companies. From this we have created an in depth and simple to use calculator.

To get started, first select your metal from our comparison calculator below. You will then have the option to select your quality and weight. You will then be given the option to filter your important searches to you by selecting 5 out of the 10 choices. Once you hit compare we will do all the hard work for you comparing your choices and helping you to find the best gold buyer for you.

Once you are happy with the result click Request Pack from your chosen buyer and enter your details to start selling!